CM Paul’s gorilla cages

Paul’s gorilla cages

Paul & Shaun, have been riding in some mud. See what Paul thought of the gorilla cages & monkii V wedge.

“Shaun and I travelled the Shipwright’s Way last weekend – 62 miles of mud, mud, mud, some more mud and a little tarmac! Did I mention the mud……..Anyway one of the greatest experiences on two wheels I have had this year!Here are the pics showing full use of the gorilla Cages and the monkii V Wedge. What I love about the monkii stuff is that everything is entirely detachable from the bike, something which other similar products dont offer, so a full thumbs up from me!! You can see I’m using a Carradice Saddlepack which is great but was wondering whether monkii offers something that does the same job. By the way, the bike Im using is a Genesis Fortitude 29er with 11 speed Shimano Alfine Hub gears. Shaun is riding a Genesis Longitude with dangly derrailleur gears. Both bikes a adventure off road machines “

pauls-gorilla-cage pauls-gorilla-cage
pauls-gorilla-cage pauls-gorilla-cage

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