CM Delivery

Charging for delivery

  • We charge for delivery because we think that’s the fairest way of managing packaging and delivery costs. We don’t want to hide the costs in the price of our products. As after all, delivery really isn’t free. Have you bought a stamp lately!  We price our products at the lowest prices we can, so our business is sustainable and delivery costs as close to or below actual cost. Ultimately of course, you will decide if you believe CycleMiles’s combination of customer service, interesting and useful products and dependable delivery give you the combination of quality and value you expect.

Packaging and Sustainability

  • We carefully package the items you’ve ordered so they reach you in shop condition. If you want your package sent to an alternative address e.g. your work address, that’s not a problem. Just complete the “shipping address” you wish us to use when you make your order. 
  • It isn’t always easy being “Green”, but we try very hard to be a responsible retailer and use packaging from sustainable sources and that can easily be recycled and reused.


  • We use Royal Mail delivery services for all our packages up to 2 kgs, for deliveries in the UK and overseas. Of course for packages being sent to another country, when they arrive in the country of destination they are delivered by the local mail service. e.g. UK to USA. Royal Mail – United States Postal Service. 
  • Royal Mail consistently receives  better customer reviews than other carriers for speed and reliability. We trust them. We’ve sent hundreds of packages using Royal Mail and they have delivered every single one. Amazing.
  • When shipping items over 2 kgs or over 1 meter in length we source the best value / best quality delivery service. i.e. Who we trust to deliver your package to you in the shortest possible time at the best value for money.  DPD. DHL. FedEx. UPS. Hermes. ParcelForce. We know it’s difficult to judge, but if you think your package is going to weigh over 2 kgs and you have a trusted delivery service in your area, let us know and we’ll try to use it. We can’t promise to, but we’ll always try.

Delivery Services

  • 99 times out of a 100 packages within the UK  are sent by Royal Mail 48. e.g. This means that when we post a package on a Monday, it should arrive on the Wednesday, but it may take longer to be delivered.
  • If you want your package delivered more quickly, just let us know and we’ll use a delivery time guaranteed, service. It will cost you a little extra, but we know it’s worth it for those important occasions. 
  • Bike polo shafts and complete mallets are sent by Hermes, so delivery may take 7 days. Why do we use Hermes? Because they are one of the few couriers who don’t charge eye-watering rates for items over 120cm long.

Dispatch times

  • Orders received before 4pm Monday to Friday (local UK time) are usually dispatched the same day.
  • Orders received on Saturday or Sunday are not posted until Monday. Why? Because we don’t have a Royal Mail collection on Saturday or Sunday.  

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