CM Payment

Web / Internet Orders and Payment

  • If you know what you want and have found it on our website, then it’s quickest and easiest if you pay using your debit or credit card. We use Barclays for our payment services so you are fully PCI-DSS protected. We also use 3D secure services because Barclays like us to and not because we like driving our customers insane with having to remember another password. Although we know it does. Sorry. We have also passed Barclaycard data security measures for web orders, telephone orders and customer present orders. That drove us a little loopy, but we passed.  

Telephone Orders and Payment

  • If you’re not exactly sure what you need / want, why not give us a call 023 92 455 355. We love to talk with our customers and they seem to appreciate the advice and assistance we can give them. e.g. monkii V or just monkii?? Poppy Treffy or Chase and Wonder? Whilst you’ve got us on the phone, we can take payment, again using Barclays card services. 

Payments by Cheque

  • Don’t like making payments over the web or telephone using your debit / credit card? We understand. Write to CycleMiles, 9 Queen Anne’s Drive, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 3PG telling us the product/s you wish to buy / colours, your address, contact number and enclosing payment by cheque. We’ll then send you your items. 


  • If you prefer to make payment by PayPal, just let us know? We’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Easy. 

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