CM Total Women’s Cycling – Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

Total Women’s Cycling – Christmas Gifts for Cyclists

Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Cyclists are starting to appear in the press and on-line and “Yeah Baby!” said in an enthusiastic voice, CycleMiles is making a few of them.

Total Women’s Cycling is theeeee most fantastic website and on-line resource for, surprise surprise, women cyclists. It’s just brilliant. And we are not just saying that because they like our products. Their editor, Heather Irvine has produced a website that is both visually great and so so very useful and interesting. Take a look.

Anyway, when you’ve finished looking around TWC and all their great articles, if you need some Christmas gift ideas for the cyclist in your life. Take a look here, here, here, here, here ,here, here & here.

Have a great Christmas holiday from all of us at CycleMiles. That’s Caroline, Miles, Shackleton (The Company Cat) and Zoe.


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