Blue Rider Bicycle Greeting Card by Andrew Pavitt


Original giclee print £155 Greeting card £2.50. Go on. Buy the print and we’ll give you a free greeting card. Let the good times roll.

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  • Blue Rider Bicycle Greeting Card by Andrew Pavitt

    Name - Blue Rider
    Message inside - Blank
    Size - 178mm x 127mm
    Material - Fedrigoni Tintoretto Gesso 300gsm card, FSC, ECF, Acid Free
    Envelope - Vintage Manilla 100% Recycled
    Special Features - From an original print by Andrew Pavitt. Detail on reverse of card.
    Brand - CycleMiles – Art of Cycling

    Order up to 2 greetings cards and pay just 90 pence postage in the U.K.

    Order up to 5 greetings cards and pay just £1.95 postage in the U.K.

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