Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour

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Crayons? Pahhh. Felt tips? Hummmm. Nahhhh. Caran d’Arche. Oh yes. They are the only colouring pencils, no, drawing instruments that CycleMiles will use. Dot to Dot ‘The Cannibal’, genius.

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  • Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour

    Title - Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour – A Cyclist’s Chain-Driven Interactive Artistic Adventure
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Richard Mitchelson
    Publisher - Velodrome Publishing
    Date Published - 2016
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 144
    Dimensions - 270 x 217 x 16 mm
    ISBN - 978-1911162018

    Know a MAMIL? Perhaps you are one? This book can’t help to make you smile and keep you busy. Very funny and clever. A fab gift to yourself or to a friend. You’ll need some colouring pencils.

    Pens replace pneux and pencils are your peloton as the doyen of British cycle illustrators, Richard Mitchelson, leads you on a magnificent ride through an entire season of grand-tour racing. Fun, dynamic, interactive, and entertaining, Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour is infused with a ‘broom-wagon’ full of cycling style, culture, history and humour. review of Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour

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