The Bicycle Colouring Book by Shan Jiang

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Hmmmmm. Red or green colouring pencil? Hmmm. Or pink? Mayyyy be pink. Yes, pink is good. Oooo but yellow is nice too. Yellow, yellow yellow.

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  • The Bicycle Colouring Book

    The Bicycle Colouring Book follows the fantastic journey of a bicycle exploring an unknown, fantastical world – without its rider! The book is bursting with imaginative and intricate illustrations that cry out to be coloured in amazing detail.

    Title - The Bicycle Colouring Book – Journey to the Edge of the World
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Shan Jiang
    Publisher - Laurence King
    Date Published - 2016
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 144
    Dimensions - 270 x 205 x 16 mm
    ISBN - 978-1780677774


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