100 Revolutions – Tour de France Prints by Otto von Beach


We’ve heard that Otto von Beach lives in a folly surrounded by bees and bicycles and that he likes to fly kites at night wearing a nightshirt and casquette, singing to the stars. Ahhhhh, being a genius is a heavy load to carry.

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  • 100 Revolutions – Tour de France Prints by Otto von Beach

    A set of six prints created to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tour. Illustrated by Otto Von Beach, each print commemorates one of the six stages from the 1903 Tour with a brief description of the key racing incidents on the reverse.

    Title - 100 Revolutions – Tour de France Prints (6)
    Artist - Otto von Beach
    Technique/Medium - Lithographic
    Printed on -  350 gsm silk board
    Edition - 500 unsigned
    Size Image - 210mm x 285mm (A4 frame size)

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