Padlock your Machine Metal Bicycle Sign


Ah, those were the days, when ladies wore hats, gentlemen wore hats, horses wore hats, and if you forgot the piece of string you usually used to lock up your bicycle, you’d say “I say my man, would you mind awfully keeping an eye on my cycle. I’ll be back in a week.” Now. Anyone for a spangle?

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  • Remember to Padlock your Machine Metal Bicycle Sign

    May be stored here only at
    Owners Risk

    Crime Prevention
    Remember to padlock your machine
    Do not leave valuables in your saddlebag
    Keep a note of your bicycle number
    Ask a trusted shopkeeper to mind your cycle

    Name - Metal Bicycle Sign - Remember to padlock your machine
    Material  – Painted metal bicycle sign
    Special Features  – Comes with wire for hanging up and drilled in each corner for wall / shed mounting
    Size  – 230 x 170 mm
    Brand - Rex International

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