Blue Q White Bicycle Zipper Bag


Great for your furry lined hand cuffs, pencils, spare cassette sprockets, make-up or just about anything you don’t want to lose. Your airline tickets and passport. Put ‘em in here!

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SKU: qa234.

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  • Blue Q White Bicycle Zipper Bag

    A very strong, stylish and useful white bicycle zipper bag with lots of beautiful bicycles. Used grain sacks are collected, cleaned, ground . . melted into rolls of recycled plastic . . woven into durable bag fabric . . printed with super fantastic graphics . . cut and sewn into bags of all shapes and sizes . . and off to funky places they go. Great make-up bag, note book bag, pencil case. Very Bi-cy-cool..

    Name - White Bicycle Zipper Bag
    Material - Made with 95% post consumer recycled material
    Special Features - Closed with a strong plastic zip
    Size - 180 x 240 mm
    Brand  - Blue Q

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