Rixen Kaul Reisenthel Style Bag in Red Polka Dot

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  • Rixen Kaul Reisenthel Style Bag

    The Rixen Kaul Reisenthel Style Bag in Red Polka Dot is the perfect unison of style and functionality. Fashionable and casual with its half-rounded and fluid shape, it makes a good impression anywhere, whether it is used as a bicycle bag or carried on foot. The adapter plate which snaps into the KLICKfix handlebar adapter is integrated into the back of the bag. Everything finds its place in the bag’s numerous zipper and inside compartments. Thanks to its long handles, soft body and extra flat adapter plate, the bag is easily carried over the shoulder. Handlebar bracket included.


    Name - Rixen Kaul Reisenthel Style Bag
    Colour - Red with White Polka Dot
    Special Features - Numerous zippers and inside compartments
    Size - 310mm x 220mm x 110mm
    Capacity - 4 Litres, Max load 2kg
    Brand  - Rixen Kaul

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