World Map Jumbo Bag


It’s a bag. A big bag. A tough bag. You can stuff all your round the world cycling stuff in it and make your house look tidy again. And, you can even trace your epic adventure on it with a Sharpie pen. Coooooool.

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  • World Map Jumbo Bag

    This super cool Vintage World Map jumbo bag is not only a great all-rounder but being made from recycled plastic bottles it’s environmentally friendly too. It has a metal zip fastening and the woven nylon handles makes it strong. This Jumbo Bag is ideal for storing bedding, toys or laundry. You could use it as a car boot tidy while you set off on that trip you’ve always dreamed about around the world.

    Name - World Map Jumbo Bag
    Material - Recycled plastic and metal
    Size - 550 x 280 x 480 mm
    Brand - Rex International

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