Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling – Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett


Watch out Trotty and Kenny. Here I come.

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  • Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling – Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett

    Beginner’s Guide to Road and Track Cycling is your way to break away from the bunch and get a head start in the world of cycling.

    Written to suit all ages, this book offers advice through every stage of your development – from setting up your bike, to racing across the finish line. Jonathan Kennett is a seasoned road rider and author, and Ian Gray is a track coach with decades of experience teaching track cyclists of all ages and skill levels. Whether riding for fun or to win, there’s something for every budding cyclist.

    You’ll find out:

    • how to train solo or in a bunch,
    • insider tips for maintaining your bike,
    • how to perform at your peak on race day,
    • ways to handle dangerous conditions and other risks,
    • the language and techniques of pro cyclists.

    Title - Beginners Guide to Road and Track Cycling
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Ian Gray and Jonathan Kennett
    Publisher - Kennett Brothers
    Date Published - 2015
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 88
    Dimensions - 15cm x 21cm x 1cm
    ISBN - 978-0994118943

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