I like Alf – Paul Jones

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  • I like Alf – Paul Jones

    This is the story of Alf Engers and the pursuit of speed, set against a backdrop of cycling clubs, shop-owners, frame-builders, riders, racers, team managers and officials. It loops from the Paddington Track to the Skol Six, Herne Hill to the National Road Race Championships and from Boroughbridge to Barnet, in and out of time and place to capture the truth of a racing career of unequalled achievement, charisma and controversy.

    I Like Alf is the definitive tale of a mythical and elusive folk hero of British Cycling.

    Title - I Like Alf – 14 Lesson from the life of Alf Engers
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Paul Jones
    Publisher - Mousehold Press
    Edition - First Edition 2018
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 156
    Size -230 x 155 x 12mm
    ISBN - 978-1874739814

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