Lapize – Now there was an Ace – Jean Bobet

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He was killed in an ariel engagement in WW1. A dodgy cover painting, but what a story.

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  • Lapize – Now there was an Ace – Jean Bobet

    July 21st, 1910. Octave Lapize and 57 other fellows started out on the Luchon-Bayonne stage, riding over the Col du Tourmalet, in the eighth Tour de France. July 20th 2010. The same day, one hundred years later, the riders in the ninety-seventh Tour de France ride the Luchon – Pau stage, again riding over the Col du Tourmalet. In the one hundred years that have passed, the Tour de France has included the Col du Tourmalet seventy-five times. It is the most frequented pass in the history of the Tour.

    “Between 1910 and 2010 the Col du Tourmalet has become a legend and its hero is the French rider Octave Lapize. For ever” – Jean Bobet

    Title - Lapize – Now there was an Ace
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Jean Bobet
    Publisher - Mousehold Press
    Edition - 2010
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 125
    Size -210 x 147 x 13mm
    ISBN - 978-1874739555

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