Wonder Wheels – Eileen Sheridan


Eileen. You are a cycling goddess to CycleMiles. A true homegrown cycling heroine.

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  • Wonder Wheels – Eileen Sheridan

    Eileen Sheridan is a Wonder Women. A true cycling heroine.

    Title - Wonder Wheels Autobiography of Eileen Sheridan
    ISBN - 978-1903088494
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Eileen Sheridan
    Publisher - Mercian Manuals
    Date Published - Facsimile reporduction of original 1956 edition
    Cover - Hard cover
    Pages - 158
    Dimensions - 20cm x 13cm x 3cm

    Please Note

    This is a facsimile reproduction copy of the original book. The bookbinding quality is fantastic and text reproduction too. By modern standards the original edition photos were of poor quality and this is reflected in this facsimile.

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