T2 single wheel bicycle trailer


Panniers? Pahh. Get a tail. A T2 tail. No need for a heavy duty bike with pannier frames and panniers. Just attach your T2 in seconds and head off. Carbon frame? Yep. You can still use a T2. Rohloff hub? Yesss. T2 again. Alfine hub? Yes. Off road through a river? Yes, yes. Everest? Now your just being silly. But Base Camp? Yes.

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  • T2 single wheel bicycle trailer

    The T2 is a lightweight single wheel bicycle trailer for road, mountain, touring & trekking.  Simple & quick to attach and detach. Stable, narrow profile, low centre of gravity. Fits all 135mm 26″ / 700c / 29er / quick release hubs, including Rohloff. Fits Alfine / Rohloff TS hubs with additional Hitch-nuts.

    T2 single wheel bicycle trailer


    Name - T2 single wheel bicycle trailer
    Construction - 6061 Aluminium frame with nylon & stainless steel fittings
    Trailer Wheel - Q/D hub & alloy rim. Standard 280 x 65 tyre & tube (2.5bar)
    Bag - Waterproof PVC roll-top constructionCapacity - 30 kg / 75 L (Black)
    Colour - Silver anodised trailer frame & grey bag with T2 & dom logo
    Weight - 3.6 kgs
    Size -
    Additional Items - Carry bag, caution flag, mudguard, hitch axle & nuts (to replace your existing Q/R spindle) spare “level prop”, “level prop” strap & hitch ring
    Brand - Free Parable



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    • 5 5 Star Rating

      Cycled 600+ miles in the space of 10 days with this trailer and it is bomb proof. The simplistic construction intelligent use of materials makes it very light and very robust for touring with pace. The trailer also surprised me as being very agile and losing no turning ability at all, this is down to the single wheel and pivotal swing arm which means you can really turn in hard and lean where required and the trailer will react instantly. Futhermore because your baggage is sitting much lower than it would on panniers you will find no surprises in balance either. Best touring accessory you could need.

      • Good to know you had a great adventure and that your T2 was a dependable and valued piece of your kit. Hope you have more adventures planned. Many thanks for your review. Always so helpful to other adventure cyclists when trying to choose the right piece of kit for their adventure. All the very best, CycleMiles.

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