100 Greatest Cycling Climbs by Simon Warren

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So you’re in the wine bar with your girlfriends. And the talking gets around to your bucket lists. And you say, you want to ride the 100 greatest cycling climbs in the U.K. Definitely a little bit too much alcohol. If you ride all of these, you might just kick the bucket. For strong women and men only.

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  • 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs by Simon Warren

    100 hills of pain and suffering. But joy and elation when you crest the top. These are the 100 British climbs you need to ride, so get your bike out and head for the hills.

    Title - 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs: A Road Cyclist’s Guide to Britain’s Hills
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Simon Warren
    Publisher - Frances Lincoln
    Date Published - 2010
    Cover - Hardback or Paperback
    Pages - 176
    Dimensions - 111 x 160 mm
    ISBN - 978-0711231207


  • Cover

    Hardback, Paperback

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