Break Away – The heroes and hellraisers that made road cycling – Euan Ferguson

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Hellraisers eh? Jeez this is a good book. Great stories, great photographs, great quotes, great women (get a mention at last. Top marks Euan), great men. Memorise this book and become a pub legend.

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  • Break Away – The heroes and hellraisers that made road cycling

    No sport demands and celebrates the suffering of its participants like road racing, yet the pursuit of cycling was formed out of a spirit of emancipation, freedom, invention and revolution. It started with Victorian adventurers who took their new machine across continents, up unscaled peaks and into the first races, followed by those who saw the potential of the bicycle as a radical mode of transport, before the twentieth-century sun shone on a golden age of cycling, bringing fame and fortune to its glamorous new sporting superstars.

    ‘Major’ Taylor, HG Wells, Bartali, Coppi, Wilson, Bobet, Anquetil, Burton, Merckx, Herrera Obree, Longo, Cooke, Froome, Vos + + + there are all in here. A fabulous book about the greats of cycling.

    Title - Break Away – The heroes and hellraisers that made road cycling
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Euan Ferguson
    Publisher - Frances Lincoln
    Date Published - 2016
    Edition - First Edition
    Cover - Hardback
    Pages - 208
    Dimensions - 21cm x 23cm x 2.5cm
    ISBN - 978-0711238084

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