Lost Lanes Wales by Jack Thurston

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Beautiful cycle rides. Beautiful photography. Take a gentle ride down beautiful country lane. Don’t rush. There’s lots to see and hear and you’ll miss that if you are too quick. Why not stop for a picnic too.

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  • Lost Lanes Wales by Jack Thurston

    Jack Thurston has a life-long passion for exploring the British countryside by bike and is the author of the best selling Lost Lanes Southern England. In 36 rides, from gentle spins to weekend camping adventures, enjoy wild seashores, enchanted woodlands, breathtaking vistas and midnight escapades. Combining engaging travelogue with stunning photography Lost Lanes Wales will enthral armchair explorers, dedicated cyclists and families on two wheels.

    Title - Lost Lanes Wales by Jack Thurston - 36 Glorious Bike Rides in Wales and The Boarders
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Jack Thurston
    Publisher - Wild Things Publishing Ltd
    Date Published - 2015
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 256
    Dimensions - 20cm x 17cm x 2cm
    ISBN - 978-1910636039

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