Magnum Cycling by Guy Andrews

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Don’t interrupt. I’m reading. This book is cycle-tastic.

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  • Magnum Cycling by Guy Andrews

    This book draws upon the Magnum archive to present a celebration of the great photographers who have captured those most fugitive of moments in cycling: the personalities, emotions and human endurance. It is grouped into thematic chapters, with works by a range of photographers, showing carefully picture-edited images with discursive captions. Each chapter also features one ‘story’ of an iconic moment, event or scene captured by a single photographer. They explore themes such as the Tour de France, track racing in the velodrome, winter training and the revelry of the fans and crowds, with images by a variety of iconic photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Guy Le Querrec and Harry Gruyaert.

    Title - Magnum Cycling
    Publisher - Thames & Hudson
    Author - Guy Andrews
    Edition - 2016
    Cover - Hard Cover
    Pages - 256
    Size - 265 x 265 x 25 mm
    ISBN - 978-0500544570

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