The Grand Tour Cookbook by Hannah Grant

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Tom Perkins. Hannah Grant. We want to see them both in Masterchef. That would be brilliant. Remember where you read it first. And, both the nicest loveliest people. I want to be Tom and Hannah and Fausto Coppi. That would be cool.

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  • The Grand Tour Cookbook by Hannah Grant

    This is the English Version.

    The Grand Tour Cookbook is written by Hannah who is the team chef for the Tinkoff Saxo pro cycling team. You may have heard of Alberto Contador. He rides for them and he’s a hot favourite to win the Tour de France 2015. Hannah Grant will be cooking his food and in the Grand Tour Cookbook you can see what he’ll be eating and when. Rest days. Different food to racing days. When you read / see the visual feast that this book is, you realise how well the pros eat and how important it is for their performance.

    Title - The Grand Tour Cookbook
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Hannah Grant
    Publisher - Musette Publishing
    Date Published - 2015
    Cover - Hard Cover
    Pages - 350
    Dimensions - 275 x 215 x 35 mm
    ISBN - 978-8799816903



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