The Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner

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Ahhhhhhh. That makes planning the CycleMiles next door to next door much easier. Street to Street next year. Building up to Village to Village. That’s the aim anyway.

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  • The Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner

    The Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner has all of the UK’s signed cycle routes brought together on one map – now a comprehensively updated and expanded 3rd edition. Using the outstanding quality and detail of Times Comprehensive Atlas mapping, Sustrans’ National Cycle Network and other popular cycle trails are featured and defined – traffic free or on road. Family cyclists will love the listed traffic free trails.

    • Traffic-free trails at your fingertips
    • Attractions en route
    • Minor road links
    • National Cycle Network numbering

    Title - The Ultimate UK Cycle Route Planner
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Richard Peace
    Publisher - Excellent Books
    Date Published - Third edition, 2016
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - Folded
    Dimensions - 22cm x 13cm x 15mm
    ISBN - 978-1901464351

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