Ultimate Etapes – Ride Europe’s Greatest Cycling Stages – Peter Cossins

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You know you want to do it. You can do it. You are a cycling legend. Jeez this mountain goes on a bit. Must stop for a pie and buy some lighter wheels.

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  • Ultimate Etapes – Ride Europe’s Greatest Cycling Stages

    Ultimate Étapes is a book for cyclists of all abilities – from experienced club racers to enthusiastic amateurs who might just want to take on one great cycle. Each stage includes a detailed route description, (with map and profile) and suggestions on other riding within each region, including details of the most significant sportives in the area. Peter Cossins beautifully written text explains why each stage merits inclusion with superb descriptions of the majestic scenery, the heroic deeds of cycling’s legendary riders or the sheer endeavour and exhilaration of completing a stage.

    Title - Ultimate Etapes – Ride Europe’s Greatest Cycling Stages
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Peter Cossins
    Publisher - Aurum Press
    Date Published - 2016
    Edition - First Edition
    Cover - Hardback
    Pages - 224
    Dimensions - 26cm x 30cm x 2cm
    ISBN - 978-1781315903

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