Ahearne – Spaceman Bicycle Hip Flask Holster – Cage


Bottle cage. Phaaaaa. This is a “holster!” Quick draw. You win. Damn you, with your fancy Spaceman holster. Best of three?

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    Name - Ahearne – Spaceman Bicycle Hip Flask Holster – Cage
    Material - Stainless Steel
    Size - 110mm x 100mm x 35mm
    Mount – Standard bottle cage fitting
    Special Features – Securely and safely carries all CycleMiles bicycle hip flasks.

    The Spaceman Bicycle Flask Holster is shaped to fit the curvature of the CycleMiles flask, so a CycleMiles flask fits in only one way. The right way. Not the wrong way.

    Please Note. We are very generous at CycleMiles, but hip flasks shown are for illustration purposes only and are not included with the Spaceman Bicycle Hip Flask Holster. 

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