Map of France Poster Paper


Beautiful wrapping / poster paper. If fact it’s so good we recommend you pop down to Ikea, buy a Hukenstrag flupper flupper frame for 10p and get it up on your wall.

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  • Map of France Poster Paper

    Lovely vintage image of Map of France Wrapping Paper. Looks fabulous framed.

    Name - Map of France No. 12
    Material  – High Quality Italian Paper
    Special Features  – Textured paper
    Size  – 700mm x 500mm
    Brand - Cavallini & Co.

    Really Important

    • When ordered with non wrapping paper items, all wrapping paper is posted folded (170mm x 250mm) along with the other items.
    • If you wish to use your wrapping paper for framing. Please place a separate order. We will then send all your wrapping paper rolled up in a strong protective cardboard tube. All you need to do then is nip down to Ikea to buy a frame.
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