Chase and Wonder Ride Above It Wrap Pack


Classy. But you’re going to need 100 sheets to wrap up that Pashley Princess bicycle. And 100 mts of sellotape.

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SKU: CW-WP-WP0005.

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  • Chase and Wonder Ride Above It Wrap Pack

    Pack of 2 sheets of Ride Above it Wrapping paper with gift tags. Ride above the strains of modern life, because life is more fun in the clouds! Full colour print of our Ladies and Gentlemen riding bicycles whilst being carried into the clouds by hot air balloons.

    Name - Chase and Wonder Ride Above It Wrap Pack
    Material  – 100gsm paper
    Special Features  – 2 sheets of folded paper with two tags
    Size  – 35cm x 25cm
    Brand - Chase and Wonder

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