CycleMiles Gift Vouchers

From: £20.00

Oh what to buy? So much choice and they can be a little bit fussy. No need to stress. CycleMiles has the answer with CycleMiles Gift Vouchers. Huzzah!

  • CycleMiles Gift Vouchers

    CycleMiles Gift Vouchers

    You know you want to buy them a cycling gift. But what to choose? Can be tricky.
    Or, someone in the house, not you of course, has left it just a little too late and you need something fast.  Whooosh.

    CycleMiles has the answer. A CycleMiles Gift Voucher. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Surely that gives them long enough to choose what they want?

    In lots of different denominations from £20 (Very kind and generous of you) to £100 or more (Have you gone mad?)

    Plus choose a card from any of the six cards above and we will whizz your Gift Voucher to you or your loved one by first class delivery (U.K. only) pronto.

    It’s Christmas Eve or the day before their birthday and you don’t want to rely on the post? We’ll send you your Gift Voucher code by email and you can stick it in your own card or email it to your loved one.

    Have something you want to say to your loved one? “Happy Birthday my darling” – Nice. “Let’s ride away together” – Romantic. Just let us know and we’ll write your message in the card.

    Now that’s all sorted. Time to sit back, feel very pleased with yourself and drink tea.

    Other special requests? Send an email to or call on 023 92 455 355 and we’ll take care of it.

  • Card

    1. Christmas Card, 2. Birds, Boats and Bicycles, 3. King of the Hill, 4. Flower Shop, 5. A Natural, 6. The Race


    £20, £25, £30, £40, £50, £75, £100

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