Selle San Marco Vintage Rolls Saddle – Lobster Black


As rare as Unicorns and just as beautiful. So why are Unicorns always white? A black one would look pretty good.

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  • Selle San Marco Vintage Rolls Saddle – Lobster Black

    This saddle is a much loved saddle used by sporting cyclist for many years. The proven design of the San Marco Rolls Saddle is as popular today as it always has been because the shape suits so many people.

    One of the all time classic saddles designs, now reworked by cult Italian street wear brand Lobster Apparel. Intricate all over design celebrates the rough and tumble joy of bike polo and urban riding. Microfeel cover and arabic gum based glue means this saddle is also 100% Vegan.

    The Nylon reinforced shell allows some flexibility in use, to help absorb vibration. Steel rails provide strength and durability.

    Name - Vintage Rolls Lobster Saddle
    Rail Material - Steel
    Cover Material - Microfeel Lobster Print
    Size  - 282 mm x 143 mm
    Weight - 382g
    Brand - Selle San Marco



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