Reusable Bamboo Bicycle Cup


Watch out for the coffee drinking pandas. It always turns ugly. No. Get down. Down. Naughty panda, but you are so lovely and cuddly, arrrrgh my eye, my eye, bad panda. No coffee.

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  • Reusable Bamboo Bicycle Cup

    Reusable travel mug made from bamboo. Sounds mad but it’s great. Use again and again to keep your cup of Joe nice and hot. Dishwasher safe of course.

    Name - Bamboo Bicycle Cup
    Material  – Biodegradable Bamboo
    Size of flask  – 15cm x 7.5cm
    Capacity - 400ml
    Weight - 140 grams
    Special features – Bamboo lid and heat resistant sleeve
    Brand - 
    Eco Chic

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