Set of 4 Hand Carved Wooden Bicycle Coasters


Ooooo bicycles on a drinks coaster. Now there’s an idea. In a box too. Nice touch. Pass me my G&T dahhling.

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  • Set of 4 Hand Carved Wooden Bicycle Coasters

    These hand carved are sure to get your guests talking. Make two bicycles out of four coasters which come in a lovely wooden box.

    Name - Set of 4 Hand Carved Wooden Bicycle Coasters
    Material  – Wooden
    Special Features  – put them together to make two bicycles. Comes in a box.
    Size  – approx 100mm x 100mm

  • Design

    Bear, Badger, Fox, One of each design

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    Failing that please continue to read this products reviews.

    Product Reviews

    • 4 4 Star Rating

      They are a bit darker than the picture, and a couple of them aren’t completely flat so wobbled a little when I put a glass on. I will still use them and think they look great, love the little box they come in too

      • Jasmin, thank you for your comments. Sorry about the little wobble. Don’t spill that wine ;-)

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