Sterling Silver Shopper Bicycle Bracelet


Tiffany & Co? Oh no. No, no, no. So where did you get it from, it’s amazing? Don’t you shop at CycleMiles? They are simply fantastic :-)

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  • Sterling Silver Shopper Bicycle Bracelet

    A beautiful solid silver racing bicycle bracelet.
    Presented in a gift pack with the message ”Enjoy the little things”.

    Name - Sterling Silver Shopper Bicycle Bracelet
    Material - .925 Sterling silver
    Special Features - ”Enjoy the little things” Presentation Pack
    Size - Bicycle size 15mm x 10mm, chain 6 1/2 inches (165mm) + 1 inch extension (25mm)
    Designer - Zoe Combes
    Brand - CycleMiles with Mercy Jewellery

    Looking after your Sterling Silver Necklace
    Sterling (solid) silver jewellery naturally tarnishes over time.
    Use a soft, lint free cloth to keep your jewellery looking lustrous. A silver cleaner can also be used.
    Apply makeup, lotions and perfumes before putting on your silver jewellery. Always remove your jewellery when you shower or bathe, particularly on the beach, in the sea or in chlorinated water.

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