Flandriens Model Racing Cyclists – Brooklyn and Sanson


Oooo something else to collect. They look pretty good on birthday cakes too.

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  • Flandriens Model Racing Cyclists – Brooklyn and Sanson

    Model - The Original Flandriens
    Size - 58mm x 56mm x 17mm – Pack of two
    Teams / Country - Brooklyn and Sanson
    Material - Die Cast Zamak (Zinc and Aluminium)
    Special Features - Flandriens gift box

    Handpainted miniature model racing cyclists from Belgium

    24 different Original Flandriens model cyclists. Beautifully painted. Amazing detail.

    Brooklyn and Sanson; Boule d’Or and Switzerland; Faema and Alcyon; Bianchi and Italy; Renault and France; Fiat and Belgium; Molteni and Belgian National Champion; Peugeot and Flandria; Wiels and World Champion; Kas and Netherlands National Champion; Bertin and German National Champion; BiC and USA.

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