Fonderie Roger Modern Model Racing Cyclist – National Teams


This is what happens to ex professional riders. They turn them into Fonderie Roger miniatures. How cool is that.


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  • Fonderie Roger Modern Model Racing Cyclist – National Teams

    Manufacturer - Fonderie Roger
    Model - Modern (Moderne)
    Size - 51mm x 15mm x 50mm
    Colours - National Teams – Painted by hand - Colour of bicycle frame may vary
    Material - Zamak (Zinc)
    Special Features - Pierre Roger Blister Pack

    The first new Fonderie Roger model cyclist since the 1950′s! Still made in the same time honoured way and materials, but in the style of contemporary / modern-ish racing cyclist.

    The Roger Foundry or in French, “Fonderie Roger” first manufactured their ‘Miniatures’ model racing cyclist figurines in the 1950′s. Back then it was Henri Roger’s Foundry. In the 1960′s the foundry, which makes lots of zinc castings, passed to his son Henri Roger, and then to Jean-Luc Roger and who runs it today.

    The manufacture of the Fonderie Roger Miniature Racing Cyclists have been ebbed and flowed over the past 65 years. At one time the models were painted by French prisoners, but they didn’t take enough care over the painting and that was short lived.

    Today, they are made and finished in the Roger Foundry in small quantities. Supplies frequently run out during the year. So if you fancy one, don’t hang around, you won’t regret it. They are wonderful.

    If you want to see how they are made take a look here or if you fancy a laugh here. What were they thinking?

  • Teams

    France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain

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