New English Teas Bicycle Tin – 40 Tea Bags


It’s not Miles tea, but it is delicious Ceylon tea in a super-duper tin. Tea cups pppleease. Oh if you must use a mug. But no sugar. Oh, alright, just one. Small one. What about the Vicar. It’s shocking.

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  • New English Teas Bicycle Tin – 40 Tea Bags

    A beautifully embossed tin with a hand-drawn authentic Tea Merchant’s Shop design depicting an era when tea deliveries were made by bicycle.

    On the reverse

    As tea grew in popularity in Great Britain during the 1700′s and 1800′s Tea Merchants sprung up in major cities to supply discerning customers with their choice of the finest blends from around the world. Tea deliveries were made by bicycle to Tea Houses and Tea Gardens across the City of London.

    New English Teas has recreated a Tea Merchants shop full of 40 Teabags of pure Ceylon Tea carefully blended to give a fine refreshing flavour.

    Name - New English Teas Bicycle Tin
    Material  – Metal
    Special Features  – 40 foiled wrapped pure Ceylon Tea Bags
    Size  – 145mm x 75mm x 95mm
    Brand - New English Teas



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