Respoke Bicycle Jewellery Heart Earrings


You have the heart necklace? There are earrings too? Yes, yes, yesssssss.

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  • Respoke Bicycle Jewellery Heart Earrings

    Respoke Designs combine passion and intricate handmade British craftsmanship to create exclusive bicycle jewellery.

    These beautiful Heart Earrings by Respoke Designs are hand crafted from stainless steel upcycled bicycle spokes.

    Because these earrings are so beautifully hand crafted the sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.

    The lovely earrings will arrive in an elegant black box with silver detail.

    respoke-bicycle-jewellery-box respoke-bicycle-jewellery-box respoke-bicycle-jewellery-box

    Name - Respoke Bicycle Jewellery Heart Earrings
    Material  – stainless steel upcycled bicycle spokes
    Size (drop) – 40mm x 25mm
    Brand - Respoke Designs

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