Terramundi New Bike Fund Money Pot – Grey


Just one new bike. Come on. Doesn’t everyone in the family deserve one. That will be four money pots please CycleMiles . . . Kerrr-Ching.

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  • Terramundi New Bike Fund Money Pot – Grey

    Name - Terramundi New Bike Fund Money Pot
    Material  – Pottery
    Colours  – Grey. White / Silver / White writing
    Size  – 19cm x 14cm
    Special Features  – Must be smashed to get your money out.
    Brand - Terramundi

    All the CycleMiles range of Money Pots are hand made for us by the lovely people at Terramundi. These are the real deal.

    The classic money pot style is an ‘Etruscan Money Amphora’. Tradition has it that once the first coin is dropped into the money pot, it must be fed until full, upon which it it smashed whilst making a wish . . for a new bicycle of course.

    The Money Pot comes carefully packaged in a very smart Terramundi gift box. There is a fortune coin inside the money pot and a ‘Date and Desire’ card to insert when you start saving. The pot can hold up to £200 in silver coins or £500 in gold coins.

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