La Poursuite Screen Print by Otto von Beach


A bit scary. But what an image to tell a tale of derring-do! Very collectable.

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  • La Poursuite Screen Print by Otto von Beach

    Hand-pulled screenprint celebrating the third stage of the inaugural Tour de France in 1903: Marseille to Toulouse.

    The riders are divided into two groups, with those no longer contesting the overall classification made to start an hour after the main field. Aucouturier protests, but Garin holds sway (“If Aucouturier goes with me in the first group, I will abandon the race!”)

    During the stage, Garin takes a wrong turn and is forced to retrace his route. Aucouturier, riding alone in the intense heat and wind, relentlessly chases down his rival and wins the stage.

    The third stage: unquestionably the hardest. A start in darkness beneath the moon’s sad gaze, a terrible mistral, atrocious roads, then a blazing sun, the desert once more and across the Cévennes under a white hot sky.
    Henri Desgrange

    Title - La Poursuite Screen Print
    Artist - Otto von Beach
    Technique/Medium - hand-printed by the artist 1 colour Screen Print
    Printed on -  Colorplan White 270gsm paper.
    Edition - Limited Edition of 15 only, signed and editioned.
    Image Size - 520mm x 360mm
    Paper Size - 590mm x 430mm

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