Stique Carbon Fibre Tyre Levers ML14CF


Bright. Tough. Cycling Plus Editor’s Choice. Tyre levers.

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  • Stique Carbon Fibre Tyre Levers ML14CF

    These two Stique tyre levers are made of injection moulded carbon fibre. The levers can withstand 3x the breaking force of our metal-replacement plastic levers, so they’re well up to any bicycle tyre, however stubborn. With a lifetime guarantee, and weighing in at only 50g, these levers are the finest bicycle (or wheelchair) levers known to man. Held together by the same magnetic function of the ML123. Functionality includes split chain-link holders and 2x £1 coin slots.

    These levers are designed to be large enough to allow a good grip.

    Name - Stique Carbon Fibre Tyre Levers ML14CF
    Material  - injection moulded carbon fibre
    Size - L 115 x W 30 x H 33 mm
    Special Features - Lifetime Warranty
    Brand - Stique

  • Colour

    Grey & White, White & Blue

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