CM gorilla cage for bike packing and adventure cycling

The gorilla cage is here

Gorilla cage. What’s that got to do with cycling? Well, sort of the same as a monkii cage, but bigger. Now, I must be confusing you? monkiis & gorillas?!!

Free Parable, launched their brilliant monkii bottle cage 3 years ago and it’s steadily been gathering a following of fans all around the world for it’s simplicity and versatility in carrying just about any kind of refreshment bottle you want. Sigg bottle. Yep. It will carry that. Thermos flask. Yep. That too. 1.5 litre drinks bottle. Of course. Nalgene bottle. Yes. On and on. Even a wine bottle. And the monkii won’t let it go when you’re on the rough stuff. No, not meths! Off road, of course.

Mr Bear Bones Bike Packing in mid-Wales thought the monkii cage was great, but what was really needed was a cage that could carry bigger, bulkier items. Hmmmmmm. There’s an idea. Thank you Mr Bear Bones. Guru of all things bike packing and adventure cycling.

So CycleMiles, talked to the fantastic designers at Free Parable in Taiwan and after some noodles, chicken, vegetables and some Gold Medal Taiwan beer, called, Gold Medal Taiwan beer, the gorilla was born. Well, on a beer mat at least. It’s taken a few more months of designs, prototypes and injection moulding, but the gorilla went into production in the summer of 2014 and the first gorillas have now arrived in the U.K. A lot more are slowly steaming their way over here by ship now and are due to arrive in October 2014.

So that’s the yawn, yawn story. We’d better tell you some more about what a gorilla can do for you.

How/where do you put a gorilla?

You can usually mount it anywhere you have bottle bosses on your bicycle. It fits Salsa Anything Cage mounts if you have those, usually on your forks. If you don’t have bottle bosses on your frame and/or forks or the bottle bosses are in the wrong place, you can usually get over this problem by using a monkii clip, which reaches the places other bottle bosses can’t.

What can you use a gorilla for?

The obvious things are large light but bulky items. e.g. your lightweight tent, tarp, sleeping roll or Thermarest. Other things? Your waterproofs. Extra water. Whatever you can think of that will fit.

Technical details?

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