Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die – Chris Santella

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We’d rather you ‘Biked’ than died. And as we all know, unless you meet with a nasty accident when cycling, ‘biking’ will defo help you live longer. So, time to start ticking those fifty places off. But better not do the last one. Then, you’ll live forever.

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  • Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die – Chris Santella

    Title - Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die – Biking Experts Share the World’s Most Greatest Destinations
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Chris Santella
    Publisher - Stewart, Tabori & Chang Inc
    Date Published - First Edition 2012
    Cover - Hard cover & jacket
    Pages - 224
    Dimensions - 185 x 210 x 26 mm
    ISBN - 978-1584799894

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