Curly Girl Cape and Tiara Women’s Bicycle Mug


When you’ve finished dressing up in your cape and tiara and saving the world, on your bicycle of course. Pop home for a nice cup of tea or coffee. Have a biscuit too. You’ve earned it.

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SKU: CurlMug01.

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  • Curly Girl Cape and Tiara Women’s Bicycle Mug

    Name - Cape & Tiara
    Material - Bone china
    Special Features - Mug comes in a lovely box that can be used for keep sakes.
    Inscription on mug – ‘I am fairly certain that give a cape and a nice tiara, I could save the world.’
    Mug Size – 75 mm diameter x 75 mm height
    Box Size – 112 mm x 88 mm x 92 mm
    Brand - Soul

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