monkii cage bicycle bottle cage

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Quite possibly the only ’bottle cage’ you’ll ever need.

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  • monkii cage bicycle bottle cage

    The monkii cage is a detachable bottle cage, for your Thermos, Insulated cup, Nalgene, Sigg, H2Onya or even your regular water bottle.
    One holder on your bicycles for nearly all your different shape drinks containers.
    It quickly attaches or detaches to your bicycle so it’s easy to take your drinks with you when you stop.
    It can be used touring, trekking, bike packing or a daily bike ride.
    Brompton, Dahon, Tern owners can carry a monkii bottle cage on your handlebar stem with the purchase of an additional monkii clip.
    To transfer the monkii cage and other products between your bicycles just buy extra cleats or a monkii clip.
    It’s simple and easy, monkii mono and monkii V wedge frame bags and monkii cages are all fit the same monkii cleats and monkii clip.

    Still unsure read this fantastic review by here

    Name - monkii cage bicycle bottle cage
    Material  - Polyamide, strong and flexible
    Fixing - monkii cleats (supplied) or buy yourself a monkii clip
    Detachable - Only monkii cleats remain on frame
    Colour - Black, white, pea green and orange
    Weight - 36g, yes very very light
    Size -
    Brand - Free Parable

    Fits all bicycles with bottle bosses. If your bicycle does not have bottle bosses you may want to consider buying a monkii clip.

    Watch a short clip of how easy the monkii cage is to take on and off your bicycle here.

  • Colour

    Black, White, Pea Green, Orange

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    Product Reviews

    • 5 5 Star Rating

      Cracking bit of kit. Mon to Fri it carries a bottle, the weekend my synmat ul 7 roll mat! Simply buy more cleats for other bikes and use the same cage.

    • 5 5 Star Rating

      Really simple bit of kit. Very light, twists on and off. Interchanges with all the other bits ie V wedge. By adding extra cleats to the other bikes, you just remove the item from one bike and fit to the next and off you go.

    • 5 5 Star Rating

      Fantastic product. Great to carry my Tern carry bag in it once its put into a dry bag. Great that it has so many uses. Love the fact that when I don’t need to carry the bag it just has the two cleats on the frame and not have to carry the bottle holder!

      • Thanks for your comments. Good to know the monkii cage is not only useful for carrying a bottle but also your Tern carry bag.

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