monkii V cage bicycle bottle cage

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Heading off-road? Got a small frame? Then this is the monkii V cage you need. Twist & lock on then head for the rough-stuff.

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  • monkii V cage bicycle bottle cage

    The monkii V cage bicycle bottle cage is an even more versatile version of the original monkii cage. For small frames, full-suss frames. Even mount the monkii V cage on your forks with an additional monkii clip. Quite possibly the only ‘bottle cage’ you’ll ever need. Fits almost any size bottle. THE bottle cage for touring, trekking, bike packing. No more bottles bouncing out of your bottle cage, when you head for the hills.

    Still unsure read this fantastic review by here

    Name - monkii V cage bicycle bottle cage
    Material  - Polyamide, strong and flexible
    Fixing - monkii cleats (supplied) or buy yourself a monkii clip
    Detachable - Only monkii cleats remain on frame
    Colour - Black, white, bright pink and purple
    Weight - 36g, yes very very light
    Size -
    Brand - Free Parable

    Fits all bicycles with bottle bosses. If your bicycle does not have bottle bosses a monkii or gorilla clip may help.

    monkii V cage display box not included (sorry, we’ve run out of them)



  • Colour

    Black, White, Bright Pink, Purple

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