Bicycle Sticky Notes – Racer


You need to remind yourself 1. Buy a new racing bike 2. go for a cycle ride 3. stop buying sugar mice. Write it down on these, then stick them to the front of your iPhone on the top of the cats head and your babies bottle and bingo. Sorted. And for my next bright idea.

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  • Bicycle Sticky Notes – Racer

    Sticky notes. With bicycles on them. Stick them on. Peel them off.

    Name - Bicycle Sticky Notes - Racer
    Material  – Paper
    Special Features  – Shaped and Bright Colours
    Size  – Packaging: 140 x 100 mm, Notes Approx: 90 x 60 mm
    Sheets  – 60 sheets (approx)
    Brand - NPW

  • Design

    Chopper, Racer

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