Bianchi Head Badge Cycling Print by Gareth Llewhellin


In case you wondered. It’s an griffin. Nothing to do with Harry Potter. That was Gryffindor. Glad we’ve cleared that up.

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  • Bianchi Head Badge Cycling Print by Gareth Llewhellin

    Iconic Edoardo Bianchi, Made in Italy head badge.

    Title - Bianchi Head Badge
    Artist - Gareth Llewhellin
    Technique/Medium - Giclee
    Printed on - 300gsm heavyweight archival 100% cotton based paper. Textured surface and acid free
    Special Features - Blind stamp + signed, editioned by Gareth. Limited edition of 100
    Size - A3 297 x 420 mm- designed to fit A3 frames

    Need a top quality picture frame for your fantastic Gareth Llewhellin print?

    We can help with a hand made solid wood Arqadia frame that won’t sag with time like machine made MDF frames.

    Buy a print and frame and we will carefully frame and seal your print so it’s all ready to hang. Makes a great gift for any cycle racing fan.

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