Louise Sutherland Spinning the Globe – Bronwen Wall


Louise Sutherland. A cycling inspiration. Women’s liberation at its very best. CycleMiles is in love.

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  • Louise Sutherland – Spinning the Globe – Bronwen Wall

    In 1945, aged 19, Louise Sutherland pedalled off to discover New Zealand. She then continued her journey around the world, winning hearts along the way.

    Armed with her bicycle, a bottle of nail polish and an infectious smile, Louise cycled 60,000 kilometres through 54 countries. From Calais to Bombay, Vancouver to Peru and across the Crown Range after a snowstorm.

    Drawing on interviews and Louise’s own memoirs and diaries, Spinning the Glove is the inspiring story of an extraordinary Kiwi woman.

    Title - Louise Sutherland Spinning the Globe
    Author/Editor/Introduction - Bronwen Wall
    Publisher - Kennett Brothers
    Date Published - 2010
    Cover - Paperback
    Pages - 120
    Dimensions - 210 x 148 x 7 mm
    ISBN - 978-0986464102

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