Sting in the Tail Cyclist’s Muscle Rub


Cyclist’s muscle rub. Nothing can stop CycleMiles riding up that 1:10,000 hill now. Bring it on. The force is strong.

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  • Sting in the Tail Cyclist’s Muscle Rub

    A relaxing muscle rub cream designed for outdoor activity muscle ache relief. Perfect for cyclists after that long ride.


    -Almond Oil
    -Liquid Lanolin
    -Paraffinum Liquidum
    -Evening Primrose Oil
    -Avacado Oil
    -Potassium Palmitoyl
    -Hydrolysed Wheat Protein
    -Aloe Vera
    -Glyceryl Stearate
    -Cetearyl alcohol

    Name - Sting in the Tail Cyclist’s Muscle Rub
    Size approx - box L 130mm x W 85mm x D 60mm bottle 45mm diameter x 130mm
    Capacity  - 100ml
    Brand - Sting in the Tail


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