Lady’s Model Bicycle Medium


Full size bikes are so, full size. You could almost put this one in your pocket. How convenient is that!

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  • Lady’s Model Bicycle

    Name - Lady’s Model Bicycle
    Material  – Metal
    Special Features  – Pedals turn, Wheels turn, Handlebars turn and Amazing detail.
    Size  – L. 27cm x H. 17cm x W. 9cm

    This is the best model bicycle we’ve found. It looks like a real bicycle has been hit with a shrink ray. We are amazed at the detail. The pedals. The handlebar grips. The hubs. The spokes. The rear carrier. The saddle even has springs. It’s amazing. If CycleMiles was just 2 feet tall we could ride it! If you’re looking for a gift for a cycling nut, this is a fabulous present.

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